CAFM-Connect Catalogue

Open german catalogue for BIM types including IFC classifications

Catalogue of space types based on DIN 277-2* Catalogue of space types
Catalogue of facilities based on an extension of DIN 276* Catalogue of facilities
Catalogue of document types based on GEFMA 198** Catalogue of document types

What is CAFM-Connect?

CAFM-Connect is an IFC-based file and content format to exchange data in the construction and facilities management industry.

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CAFM-Connect ist a Initiative of CAFM-Ring Branchenverband e.V.

The CAFM-Connect Cataloge is publishes by the Catalogue committee

TÜV Süd Industrieservice GmbH (
CAFM Ring e.V.(
REG-IS Regelwerkinformationssystem von Rödl & Partner(
f:data GmbH (
VDI 3805 (

The DIN 276 and the DIN 277-2 are published by the DIN e.V., Berlin and can be purchased at Beuth:

**The GEFMA 198 is published by GEFMA e.V., Bonn and can be purchased:

The elements of the generic catalogue and the content of the BIM profiles are edited in the catalogue editor. This work is done by the editorial team based on the decisions of the Catalogue committee. Catalogue Editor